Wednesday, December 28, 2011

iPhones cannot swim!

After 3 years of owning an iPhone (first the 3g, then the 4), 3 years of being very careful with it, my beloved device decided to take the plunge! Located in the back pocket of my trousers, it landed in the water, nuff said.

Immediately dried it with a towel, in the process of which I accidentally turned it on, something that can ruin a phone for good. After doing some reading, I decided to store it for 2 days in a bag with rice, which seems to be helpful in getting the water out of the device.
After those 2 days, turned the phone on, and.... nothing. No life whatsoever. Nada. And I cannot tell you how that feels, I am addicted to my iPhone (well, and iPad as well), even have an international data plan so I can use my internet applications where-ever I go. Especially since I go on climbing trips a few times a year, it is priceless to be able to connect to the world after a hard day of rock climbing!

So, what to be done?
Since I had experience in iPhone 3 repairs, I decided to open my dead iPhone and try to see if I could do some damage control. Surprisingly easy to open, compared to the old iPhone 3, and the battery very accessible. The old model needed a complete dis-assembly to change a battery!
There was a lot of oxidation on the battery connector, so that was cleaned. And a first test... life! Everything worked, except the phone reception, which was horrible. Now the iPhone 4 is not known for its great antenna, but after the repair I could not even receive calls in my house.
So I ordered what I thought was needed, it arrived 2 days later, and I replaced the part. With absolutely no improvement. Well... as far as I know now, the part I replaced is mainly responsible for the sound, and not for the antenna/receiver! So today I ordered both the phone receiver and the antenna part, plus a new home button for my girlfriends iPhone. Including the flat cable. Probably will have to wait 2-3 weeks, since I ordered the parts in Hong Kong, but hopefully my phone will be as good as new after the next repairs!

Long story short: iPhones can't swim, but do not write them off if they seem dead after taking a dip. They are surprisingly easy to repair, and the parts are not too expensive even. Did you know you can even buy a custom front and back, to make your iPhone red, pink, blue, green, or whatsoever? Not my ambition, but it is fun to see that it can be done!

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